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not_a_victim2's Journal

Julie James
22 May 1981
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Not A Victim
About the Character Communities I'm In
Name: Julie James
Age: 26
Origins: South Port, North Carolina
Friends: Helen Shivers - deceased, Barry Cox - deceased, Ray Bronson, Karla Wilson, Tyrell - deceased, Will Benson - deceased

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Julie James

Ray Bronson: See, no one gets me the way you do.
Julie James: I understand your pain.

Julie James: I hate this, I really hate this. Your gonna go and your gonna fall for some head-shaven, black-wearin, tattoo-covered, body-piercing philosophy student."
Ray Bronson: That sounds attractive.

Helen Shivers: What happened to us? We used to be best friends.
Julie James: We used to be a lot of things.

Julie James: [Karla has just shown her a sun bed] Great, cancer in a box.

Julie James: You're good to me, you know that?
Will Benson: I am.
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Disclaimer: Julie James is a fictional character from I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. I don't own any rights to the character or movies. I am also in no way affiliated with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm just a fan having fun. Please don't sue.

Writer's Notes: Julie/Will is my otp but I do ship her with Ray. I'm always willing to cross ship with her. I'm also playing her as if what happened at the end of I Still Know was just a dream.
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